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Since it's inception Canmarc has been on the forefront of electronic art and music creation. From the direction of our hardware studio complex, live show productions to our various label releases we have brought talent out into the world of music and helped develop a solid scene of musicians, vjs, djs and media artists that have gone on to exploit their careers successfully.


We are




The passenger

His music has been label as atmospheric, soundtrack and enveloping. From techno acid landscapes to ambient drone construction the music of the passenger tells stories like no other. Live off stage, on vinyl, Cd or streamed from the net, the music coming from The passenger will always take you somewhere else as if by magic, and depose you in a world of wondrous electronic hardware sounds.

A veteran of the audio wars. Lace continues to release quality dance and electronic sounds. From his first breakbeat releases in the 90s to his current adventures online, the music never stops flowing and he contiunes to please fans around the world. A resident Club816 and co-founder of the legendary Bassment sound Lace is an unstoppable power house of music and media.


As a recording facility for electronic music this studio is difficult to beat. This is a professional production facility with a carefully selected collection of vintage analog synths, sequencers, and drum machines, the latest digital recording capabilities, NED Synclavier 9600 system with quad inputs, vintage 2" analog multitrack tape and 1/4" analog tape mastering all under one roof.

With an affordable rate of only $100 for a 4 hour block and $200 for a full a day (12 hours max) CANMARC is the ultimate Studio to record your next electronic project. 

-------- VINTAGE SYNTHESIZERS. ----------

360 Systems MidiBass

Akai AX 60 (x2)
Akai AX 73

Alesis Micron

ARP Omni 1
ARP Axxe (Gold and orange series)
ARP Solus
ARP 16 Voice Piano

Casio CZ 101
Casio CZ 3000
Casio CZ 5000
Casio FZ 1

Clavia Nord Lead 2

Crumar BIT99


Ensoniq EPS
Ensoniq ESQ M
Ensoniq ESQ1
Ensoniq KS32
Ensoniq SD1
Ensoniq VFX

Futureretro Revolution

Kawai SX 210
Kawai SX 240

Korg Delta
Korg DS8
Korg DV 800 (maxikorg)
Korg DW 6000
Korg DW8000
Korg M3R
Korg Mono/Poly
Korg MS 20
Korg Monotron
Korg Poly 6
Korg Poly 61
Korg Poly 800
Korg Wavestation
Korg Wavestation A/D

Moog Micromoog
Moog Rogue
Mood Opus 3

Novation A Station
Novation Basstation
Novation Supernova

Oberheim Matrix 6
Oberheim Matrix 6R

Octave Plateau Cat SRM

Passenger's Custom Modular
Doepfer A 103
Doepfer A 105
Doepfer A 117
Doepfer A 130
Doepfer A 140
Doepfer A 143-3
Doepfer A 147
Doepfer A 160
Doepfer A 165
Doepfer A 170
Doepfer A 180 (X2)
Doepfer A 183-1
MFB seq-1
Livewire AFG
Plan B model 9
Plague bearer PB1-E

Quasimidi Quasar

Roland JP 8000
Roland JP 8080
Roland Juno 106
Roland Jupiter 4
Roland JX 3P (with pg 200)
Roland MC 202
Roland MKS 50 (with PG 300)
Roland SH 32
Roland SH 101
Roland EF 303
Roland JD 800

Redsound Darkstar 2

Sequential Circuits Multitrak
Sequential Circuits Pro 1
Sequential Circuits Prophet 5
Sequential Circuits Prophet 600
Sequential Circuits Six-trak

Siel Expander 80


Yamaha CS 10
Yamaha CS 30
Yamaha DX 7
Yamaha DX 21
Yamaha TX 7
Yamaha SY55

--------- DRUM MACHINES. ----------
Akai XE 8
Alesis DM Pro

Boss DR110

E MU Drumulator

In Line Effects Drumfire

Jomox M Base 11

Kawai XD 5
Korg ER 1 MK 2
Korg Rhythm 55
Korg Minipops 120

Novation Drumstation

Oberheim DX

Radel Digi 100

Ace Tone Rhythm Ace

Roland CR 5000
Roland CR 8000
Roland TR 33
Roland TR 606
Roland TR 707
Roland TR 808
Roland TR 909
Roland R8M
Roland MC-307
Roland MC-303

Sequential Drumtraks
Sequential TOM


Univox jr5 (viscount space drums)

VUTAG Modular
Pittsburgh Modular Oscillator

Pittsburgh Modular dual indexer
Doepfer a 145
Doepfer A 180
Doepfer A 190-2
Doepfer A-140
Doepfer A-120
Plague bearer PB1-E
Analog Solution reverb

---------- HARDWARE SEQUENCERS ----------
Alesis MMt8

Future Retro Mobius

Roland MC 500
Roland MSQ 700

---------- SAMPLERS. ----------
Akai S612 (x2)
Akai S900
Akai S1000 keyboard
Akai MPC2000


Ensoniq mirage rack
Ensoniq mirage keyboard

Kurzweil K2000 rack
Kurzweil K2000 keyboard

NED SYNCLAVIER 9600 quad input (full system)

Roland S330
Roland S550

Yamaha A3000
Yamaha TX16W

---------- SYNCRONIZERS ----------
Korg KMS 30
Roland SBX 10
Art Syncgen


Akai APC 80 (APC 40 and APC 20 bolted together)
Akai LPK 25

Oberheim Strummer
Oberheim Drummer


Opcode Studio 3

Digital Music Corp MX8
Novation Launchpad

M audio Oxygen 8

---------- RACK EFFECTS ----------

Roland SDE 3000 digital delay
Roland SRE555 Tape delay
Roland VP 70

Deltalab DL 2 Acousticomputer
Deltalab DL 5 Harmonicomputer

Intersound RV 100 Spring Reverb

Rockman Sustainer
Rockman Stereo Chorus/Delay


MXR Pitch-Shift Doubler
MXR Digital Time Delay

Digitech RDS 1900 digital delay

Ibanez DM 1100 digital delay

Systech 4000a voltage controlled flanger

Kawai RV 4 multi channel processor

Korg DVP1 voice processor/vocoder
Korg KEC 42 eq/compander

Symetrix 525 2 channel compressor

Yamaha SPX 90
Yamaha SPX 2000
Yamaha d1500
Yamaha R 1000 digital reverb
Yamaha E 1000 ananlog delay

Ensoniq DP/4 (x2)

Boss RPD 10 digital panning delay
Boss ROD 10 overdrive/distortion


Vermona DEG500 digital delay
Valley International GATEX

Rocktron XDC
Art DR-1 digital reverb
Art VLA 2 channel tube compressor
DBX 266 compressor gate

--------------- PEDALS -----------------

Korg SE 300 tape delay

MXR Phase 90

Electro Hamonix Big Muff

ZVEX effects Fuzz factory

Boss RE 20
Boss DS2 turbo distortion

Digitech jamman solo

Tc electronics Nova Delay ND1

----------- STUDIO MICS / PRE-AMPS -------

Focusrite ISA1 ADC

Groove tubes MD1 (1st run)

Audio Technica AT2020
Audio Technica P48

Shure SM7B
Shure SM57

---------- MIXERS ----------

Tascam DM4800 console (CONTROL ROOM) with 2SeeMY SVGA screen output modification

Yamaha O2R (linked to the DM4800)
Yamaha O3D (x2)
Yamaha O1V

Edirol M-16DX

---------- DIGITAL RECORDING ----------
PC (Ableton Live) DAW
Quad Core PC
Tascam 32 channel i/o firewire
Alesis Adat (blackface)
Alsesis Adat XT

---------- Analog Recording ----------

Otari MX 80 2 inch 24 Track 2" analog tape  recorder with CV 123 remote unit

24 channel Dolby SR system

Otari MTR10 1/4" analog tape  two track mastering recorder

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#2 - 835 east Hastings street
Vancouver BC
v6a 1r8